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Nikola-Lenivets invites artists, architects, writers and directors to apply to its new Residency Programme 2019/2020.
The 'contextual' or 'organic' - as Nikolay Polissky defines it, is an important concept for Nikola-Lenivets Art Park. It is a subtle idea that requires total immersion in the the world of the Nikola-Lenivets, and an ability to detect possibilities for artistic intervention in the contextual layers of the park. We therefore invite you to play a game with us, in which the artist is first given the opportunity to discover a train of thought, carry out research, get a feel for a possible location, a possible idea, and only then - if they are lucky - discover the proposal that this leads to. Our proposal is for you to to discover your work, rather than invent it…

The artists Residence in Nikola-Lenivets does not require the artist to realise a work by the end of their stay. Our main aim is to form a body of proposals for realisation in the long term.

Applications deadline 30 May 2019. Results announced 20 June 2019.
2019/2020 Artists' Residency theme: Laziness

Laziness has always carried a special meaning in culture and in history; at times people needed saving from it, at times it became the saviour. Laziness led to the development of civilisation, Turgenev considered laziness to be a mind driver, futurists indulged in it, and Kazimir Malevich praised laziness, calling it the mother of perfection.
People are frightened by the idea of laziness and who accept it are persecuted, everything happens because no-one understood laziness as the truth, having branded it 'mother of vices' when it is the mother of life.
Kazimir Malevich
Laziness is also present on the modern map of Nikola-Lenivets. Art works are lazy in their principles. Each work is created according to one single principle, technological or artistic, as conceived by the author, without anything unnecessary or complicated. The architecture here is also lazy, embedded in the local context of 'Russian Povera', it absorbs simple rural technologies without much ado.

It is the nature and context, which often becomes an amplifier of the creative gesture, they inspire, the element become material, and we forget about laziness.

What place is devoted is laziness here and now? What meanings does it have?

In the format of an Artists Residency, we suggest exploring laziness as an engine for the development of world culture, but above all exploring its local manifestations: the parallels and patterns that arise in the context of the Nikola-Lenivets Art Park, with the subsequent manifestation of this idea at Archstoyanie Festival 2020.

Anton Kochurkin, Curator
Archstoyanie in Nikola-Lenivets
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