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The Nikola-Lenivets Art Park Collection
More than 30 works of contemporary art are part of a permanent exhibition.
The first land art project in the park was created in 2000 by Nikolay Polissky together with local residents and was called Snowmen. Another object was created in 2000 - the Spasskaya Tower.

The first long-standing object and 18-meter high, The Lighthouse was created in 2004 and became a symbol of Nikola-Lenivets. It was built in three months without a single nail using only a metal frame.
More than 100 objects of contemporary art were created in the park since its founding.
Nikola-Lenivets is open for creative experiments and new pieces of art are constantly added to the collection. This is the only place in Russia, which showcases landscape installations by the best Russian and international artists. Many of the Nikola-Lenivets art objects have become iconic for modern culture. The park produces 5 to 6 objects of modern art each year.

We are glad to welcome guests who come to see art integrated into the landscape. When you come to Nikola-Lenivets you become a part of this place.
Bernaskoni Arch, AB BERNASKONI, Archstoyanie 2012
The arch is an architecture and spatial research which stands on the border of the forest and the field.
White Gates, Nikolay Polissky, Archstoyanie 2016
The very arch of antiquity is a symbol of the triumph of victory. The artist fills the form with new meanings by choosing materials.
Zvizzhsky Belvedere, Alexey Kozyr, Archstoyanie 2015
Alexey Kozyr created a bus stop for Zvizzhi. The bus stop is located by the entrance and has long become the centre of youth culture of the village. The architect called his project the Zvizzhsky Belvedere meditative space.
Bunker, Alexey Kozyr, Archstoyanie 2006
Created for the Archstoyanie Festival in 2006.
Bobur, Nikolay Polissky, 2013
Bobur is a quote, a revolutionary form which exposed the structure of the object and its technical elements.
The Fight Between Woodpeckers and Weevils, Nikolay Polissky, Archstoyanie 2009.
The Fight Between Woodpeckers and Weevils, Nikolay Polissky, Archstoyanie 2009.
Villa PO2, AB Alexander Brodsky, Archstoyanie 2018
The Villa PO2 installation is an introduction to a small house of the same name which will soon be built nearby. This very compact Villa from the outside consists of familiar PO2 concrete fence plates, but inside is completely wooden.
The Universal Mind, Nikolay Polissky, 2012
Nikolay Polissky's The Universal Mind art object is an enormous wooden brain with a colonnade leading up to it.
Geomatica and Uranographia, Sergey de Rocambole and Anna Nikolaeva, Archstoyanie 2010
The art object represents two classic seven-turn labyrinths made of stone - a right-spun male and left-spun female. The key to the labyrinth is marked with 10 large boulders in both labyrinths.
The Ancient Settlement, Nikolay Polissky, 2012
An artistic expression of a sacred space which immerses the viewer into an atmosphere of ancient rituals.
Zvizzhi Community Center, AB ARCHPOINT, Archstoyanie 2015
The architecture studio redesigned the entrance to the Zvizzhi community centre. The authors of the project were inspired by handcrafts, particularly the wooden 'bird of happiness', in which the wings and tail unfold like a fan.
House Over the Forest, Anna Shchetinina, Archstoyanie 2008
The boundary is the limit of perception according to the author. The house is elevated above the forest and lets the viewer, the guest of the house to expand his limits of contemplation.
House with a Chandelier, AB KHVOYA, Archstoyanie 2017
The central element of the house is the chandelier. It is placed in the space of the roof light and shines both inside the building and outward. The house is lit by upper light or by the chandelier when it is dark.
The Firebird, Nikolay Polissky, Archstoyanie 2008
An object, where the symbol is a two-headed eagle and the mystical firebird. Designed for viewing while burning.
Kibitka 32 053, Yuri Muravitsky and Rustam Kerimov (AB A-GA), Archstoyanie 2017
From an architectural point of view, the object is both a stage and a complete living unit, based on the PAZ 32 053 bus model.

Untitled (Brodsky's Bed), Alexander Brodsky, Nadezhda Korbut, Archstoyanie 2006
The art object is made of wooden boards and beams (a fence, a bed, a pillow). Installed on the hillside above the Ugra river.
Lazy Ziggurat, POLE-DESIGN Project group, Archstoyanie 2014
The Lazy Ziggurat is an attempt to expand the volume from the stands 'cubes', following only the rules of felling.
Personal Universe # 5, Dmitry Zhukov, Archstoyanie 2016
A space, which can accommodate two people, is wrapped around the fugitives tightening as a knot, and isolates you from the outside world.

The Lighthouse, Nikolay Polissky, 2004
One of the most famous art objects of the park, standing on the high picturesque bank of the Ugra river, which bends in this place at almost 90 degrees.

Bridge, AB WOWHAUS. Archstoyanie 2016
A short passage from the Zvizzhi village to the Nikola-Lenivets art park.

Bridges, Dmitry Gutov, Archstoyanie 2010
Dmitry Gutov: "It's good when the artist is given a challenge, it limits the necessity to inefficiently waste energy on creating useless things". The object is under reconstruction.
Museum of Rural Labor, Sergey Tchoban, Agnia Sterligova, Archstoyanie 2001
The Museum of Rural Labor is a tower located in a potato field near the Zvizzhi village.
Nikolin Ear, Vladislav Savinkin, Vladimir Kuzmin, Archstoyanie 2006
A wide ear-shaped bell, located at the edge of the hill.
Inhabited Substance, Dmitry and Elena Kavarga, Archstoyanie 2016
Inhabited Substance was conceived and embodied as the essence of the object of art and architecture intertwining.
Pavilion of Сones, Adrian Geese and West 8, Archstoyanie 2007
A pavilion without a roof, surrounded by walls of pine cones. The object is under reconstruction.
Gold Plated Bull, Vasily Shchetinin, Archstoyanie 2009
On one hand, the idea of the project feeds on the biblical story of Noah's Ark, and, on the other hand, appeals to the image of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity, embodied in the Wall Street Bull.
Rotunda, Alexander Brodsky, Archstoyanie 2009
The rotunda is a small building in the field.
Barn, AB Project Meganom, Archstoyanie 2006
Project for the Archstoyanie 2006 festival.
The life of a barn are items frozen and forgotten in time inside and out.
General Store, Nikolay Polissky, Archstoyanie 2015
Nikolay Polissky turned the ruins of a former shop into an absolute sculpture: concrete walls covered with an intricate texture of wooden blocks resembling the lost temple of an ancient civilization.
FAST TRACK AB SALTO, Archstoyanie 2012
Fast Track is an integral part of the park infrastructure, it is both a road and an installation at the same time.
A Barn Wall, Sana Borieva, Archstoyanie 2011
This object is a symbol of simplicity.
Shadow Pavilion, Irina Korina and Ilya Voznesensky, Archstoyanie 2016
One of the biggest cones stands before us. Its height is 5.6 m, and the total area is 3.8 sq.m. The main difference between the shape of this cone is the metal skeleton and defensive shields from which the surface of its body is formed.
Remote Office, Alexander Konstantinov, Archstoyanie 2010
The Remote Office is something average between a Western architect's ivory tower, working in a super modern studio, and a hermit's house in the wilderness, pondering over the fate of the world and sharing the fruits of their research across the internet.
Functional Mooing, Oscar Madera, Archstoyanie 2011
Mooing is a theoretical project, it defines the limits of the barn to change in response to functional requirements.
Skater's Shtab , PLUM art-group Archstoyanie 2017
Initially, there was an idea of creating a hidden skate spot, the headquarters, where you can come to ride, hang out and disconnect from all unnecessary things.
Storming Heaven, AB MANIPULAZIONE INTERNAZIONALE, Archstoyanie 2012
This is a wooden larch structure created from identical ladder modules.
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